Monday, August 1, 2011

Delayed Monday Update (well, not by much)

I will be making a normal Monday update, but it will likely be early Tuesday morning (i.e. 12:00A.M. - 2:00 A.M. GMT-5).

I am putting the finishing touches on the sex system, which is probably one of the most complex things I've programmed. It's going great though, I hope to have tons of tasty screenshots :D. After that I will talk a bit about .20A, which should be out within a week, possibly by next Monday's update.

I will explain how I will handle "alpha" invites for .20A. I will explain it more in the update itself, but absolutely do not e-mail me requesting an alpha invite, I will delete all such emails. The closed alpha is for people who were kind enough to volunteer their time finding bugs, making icons or maps, or helping out in other ways. I will not have general random testers for .20A. Don't worry, .30A will be here most likely by the end of August. Besides, most of you would probably not like .20A, it's going to be buggy as sin :p.


  1. Taco if I had a vagina I would have your babies.

    Just saying.

    You'll have to settle for my snarky comments and photoshops instead.

  2. So, emailing you is out, but what about here in the comments?[/snark]

    Seriously, though, keep up the good work. Can't wait for the event creator tutorial and the next public release.

  3. so THAT'S why I hear about all the things you've done but never seen any update.

    By all means, go ahead and do it that way, I wish I had something I could contribute to your .20a, but I'm not the first person people come to when it comes to computer things, lol.

  4. so whats your email so i can spam alpha invite request lol just teasen

    keep up the good work


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