Monday, August 8, 2011


Update Progress
   Though the title of this post sounds bad, I assure you that it most certainly is not that terrible. First things first, before anyone worries I will stick to what I have said before and will definitely have a new build for people to test at the end of August (I said this far back after the final .10.13a version was developed). Development is not proceeding at a pace that I'm satisfied with but what exactly can one when works, has a social life, has a family, makes time for romance, and all that jazz coinciding with the development of Pornarium :p
    While I planned to wait until .30a was finished, I think wherever I am at the end of August, I simply will release a version for everyone at that time. It likely will be somewhere in between .20a and .30a but I think it will be best for the game though it went against my original plan. Everyone here has been really patient and I am making the game for you all after all. While spending time between large builds is still something I plan on doing, making you all wait endlessly (longer than 2 months seems endless to me :P) doesn't seem like a good strategy either. Wherever I am at that time I will do several bug testing builds while adding several new quality of life improvements before diving back into a closed development cycle for a couple months.
   My plans for the game are still as ambitious as ever and I have no fear of reaching them as I am in this for the long haul, but perhaps my timetable and plans on even/odd versions have been a bit too ambitious.Since the game is still in alpha, entire systems are still being developed and added, hell even old systems are being completely scrapped and redone :p The sex system for example was waaaay more complex than I anticipated but I think it's awesome (and that will be available as it's done now, don't worry ;) ). I am finding more and more as I develop the game that simply attaching a time-frame of "two months" for .10a - .30a was simply impossible (though who knows, I still magically could finish it in time).
   All of you have been quite supportive of the game and I hope this doesn't upset anyone too much, the game will have a new version like I said at the end of August, it just may not have as much as I hoped (don't worry, Echo's farm event will be there ;) ). I think perhaps sticking to a simple "two months of closed development" will satisfy my wishes (not releasing content in bite sized chunks) without being too grandiose (i.e. sex system! combat system! possible equipment!). Essentially what this means is:
  • Lots of new stuff at the end of August for people to play with!
    • Less new content than advertised :( (though Pornicle will be completely finished)
  • Sex system!
    • It's done, yay!
  • Bug fixes and quality of life improvements for 2 - 3 weeks after launch OR until it's as stable as .10.13a (if it takes longer then 2 - 3 weeks).
  • First USC will be added!
  • Closed Development  begins again likely in Mid / Late September
  • Next major version will be released sometime Mid / Late September 
    • (estimated) Next Major version will be released sometime Early/Mid February
    • (estimated) Next Major version will be released Late March / Early April
    • etc.

   Sorry again for taking so long and not being as far as I'd like but I'm doing this for fun. I want to make an awesome game with the team I'm working with and as you can see by awesome contributions like everything Echo's done and Hawtstuff's tutorial (sadly you can't see his edits until the end of August but I assure you they are great improvements) we are all enjoying this project and still continue to do so. As far as .20a, we'll see when that gets finished. I'm really close but I'm sort of tackling all of the areas simultaneously. I expect it to be done soon but once again it's taking longer than expected. I don't want to put out what would be a crappy test build for everyone so everyone may simply have to hold out until the end of August when .2Xa is released :p. In the future I will handle test builds like this:
  • 1 Month into closed development I will simply release what I have done as a test build to people who have been kind and helped out with the project.

I guess that's pretty simple but it's a lot better than an arbitrary deadline I need to follow as far as content is concerned. Anyways, thank you all for your patience! The end of August is not too far away and I hope you'll enjoy the next version...whatever number it is, when it's released.


  1. Don't worry Taco. We still love you.


  2. Oh I know, but I really do want to release stuff for everyone ^_^. I'm not making this just for myself. I rather enjoy making it but I also want to share it. It's no fun if just the three of us working on it get to play :p.

    I think the two-month strategy will work better than simply giving myself crazy content deadlines lol.

  3. I understand that we all have hang-ups, real life taking priority.

    Still looking forward to that sex system.

  4. Still lookin forward to it of course!! :D



    Fine, I'll share >.<

    Well, some of it at least :3

  6. I can't wait... Want to play... Have to wait... Play mode ineffective... Fatal error... xoi.145<dgh8/ca547oijaq725px

  7. man, really can't get used to monday's posts which actually tuesday's in my time zone)
    looking forward for next release

  8. Half the time, my Monday posts are on Tuesday in my own time zone :p

  9. Three weeks form a new playable release? Hell yes.


    Will the farm be in this release?

  10. @Danos He did say it will be, in the original post.


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