Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Monday Update!

That Dreaded Sex System Again?!

   After a lot of work, I've finally finished the sex system (though I do need to write the player specials in :p). Functionally it works now which makes me quite happy, it took me a lot longer than I would have liked but I think it's for the best. A recap for those that may have just started following:
   The sex system is essentially one of two "combat systems" planned for the game. While there will be more traditional RPG combat with special attacks and the like, I also envisioned a system for sex. The main point of this system is to make your partner's arousal reach 100% before yours does without letting your FP reach 0. When your character gets spent (i.e. their arousal reaches max) you get a generic bad ending and the encounter is over. Get your partner to reach 100%, and they will cum buckets and things such as positive relationships between your character and them will occur.

   The main point of the sex system is to also have fun, you will have a myriad of special techniques to select from and use (I'll try to post some screenies of these when I can, perhaps tomorrow or Wednesday) and your partners will have anywhere from 1 to 5 special techniques of their own which can have various effects on your character as well as theirs. Tessy, a prostitute that can be hired in the backwater district's brothel, has a technique where she causes the PC to generate excessive amounts of precum, boosting the PC's arousal each round (sort of an AoT :p). One of her other moves is a tit-fuck blowjob which gives her a chance to boost the player's arousal twice in one go instead of just once.
   I have also made some structural changes to the sex system and have made each partner into an object (no not like that, they are people too! I mean from a programming sense) that can store the following information:
  • Each NPC has a built in description, in the future these will have the option to vary depending on various arousal levels.
  • Each NPC has a potential picture for each sexual act, if no picture exists the default photo will be used.
  • Each NPC has a potential for a special ending if you make them cum.
  • Each NPC has (currently) 5 specials tied to it, making each NPC hopefully different. 
  • Each NPC has varying likes and dislikes, and favors certain actions over others. Some NPCs may love bondage while others may like anal, some may hate being fucked but may love receiving and giving oral. You'll know when you please  them the correct way as their arousal skyrockets when you please them.

    I really want to get .30a out by the end of August. While I don't mind missing that deadline by a week, possibly two, I really don't want to miss it by any more than that (I really am aiming for end of August though, even if it will be a bit buggier than I would like). As a result, I am likely to leave out the combat system for now. Programming the sex system has shown me that a system like that is extremely intricate and it's also very timing consuming to program. I'll put it this way, the Main game code was around 10,000 lines of code before the sex system. After the sex system was completed it added roughly 3,000 lines of code (not counting all the text that goes with the sex events as well as directory structures for integration with the rest of the team). That's a hefty chunk of programming, at least for me it is :p.
   I want to do the combat system right, and attempting to squeeze it in .30a would be a fail move on my part. Perhaps I was too excited and thought I could have gotten both systems in .30a ><. I do plan to program the combat system simultaneously as I work on bugfixes for .30a, it may even be added during one of these bugfixes but that is far from a promise. The rest of the .30a content (1/2 of the area around Pornicle including the farm) is still on schedule so worry not. 

.20a Private Alpha
   It's almost time! I would like to put this alpha out by next Monday, chances are it will be delayed slightly but that's my goal and I'm going to at least try to make it. Here is how it will work, and I will post more about it when the Alpha is a few days from release:
  • Anyone on the thank-you page can send an e-mail to me with your blogspot user name (the same one on the thank-you page). EDIT: NOT YOUR LOGIN NAME, just the name that appears when you post.
  • I will then e-mail you a silly phrase or slogan (like: "onions are forever") that you will post in the alpha test post (which doesn't exist yet :p) so I know that e-mail is really you. 
  • At that point, meet me on google talk and send me a message when you want your copy of .20a. 
  • I will update the bug report page for .20a so you can post bugs.
  • I will NOT update .20a again unless it crashes constantly for virtually everyone or something of that nature. .20a is an internal build for bug hunting purposes only, I don't plan to make revisions. Changes of that nature will occur when .30a is released

   I hope this will be a good way to say "thank you" once again to all the people who have volunteered their time to help out. Even if you don't feel like sending bug reports this time around you can simply enjoy the game if you'd like, though I still would appreciate any help you provide. I feel that the game depends very much on your feedback and I think everyone of you is just as important as the people making the game, as you all have made it better already in .10a :)

   That said, here's how to ensure you won't ever get a private copy of the even numbered versions (0.20a, 0.40a, etc)
  • Do not e-mail / comment begging for .20a. I won't give it to you. If you ask me more then once I will probably block from my e-mail account. I'm not trying to be a jerk so don' take it personally, but this is for people who have been kind enough to help me out (again, they don't have to help with .20a and bug reports if they don't want, but they should get a chance to try a new private version out since  they volunteer their time previously)
  • If you get .20a, a good way to prevent me from doing this type of thing in the future is by sharing it. It's supposed to be a private build so we'll see how it goes. If I find that copies of .20a are floating around everywhere, then it was a bad idea to share and I won't do it anymore. I'll still release the major versions, just no new private versions.

  Finally, if your name wasn't on the "thank you" page, when .30a comes out, if you want to appear on that page send me some bug reports ^_^. It's really not that hard and it helps me quite a bit to make the game better. So many bugs have been quashed by the community's generosity and I anticipate the same with .20a and .30a. The "cut-off" for .20a is today, so as of this post even if I get new things I won't be able to add them in time for .20a. I will gladly consider you for .40a though.

A bunch of Sex System Pics
   The sex system is really buggy which sucks...but those bugs will be ironed out. Here are some of the less buggy screenshots, there are a bunch so beware :p

This is the screen that will show when you first purchase the female prostitute "Tessy"'s services.

If you look closely, you will see that Tessy doesn't like this type of action when she's not feeling raunchy enough.

You can change sexual positions to give you different bonuses. Sadly it's a bit buggy, for some reason 69ing Tessy removes any access to her tits for the rest of the encounter. Ah the joys of bug hunting.

Changing positions to a 69 will disable certain actions for obvious reasons.

Tessy decided to employ some bondage. This is after the actual event so you are missing the description of the bondage, but you will see that this round the player is at her mercy ;)

While I'm not the best writer, this picture demonstrates how Tessy is suddenly more willing to perform naughtier sexual acts when she's turned on.

Tessy, seeing that you are close to cumming, decides to tease you this round. Most actions she would perform (unless she failed) would certainly boost your arousal over 100%...she simply decides to edge you closer to orgasm this time.

This is what happens after the above picture. You'll notice you haven't cum yet but she herself has become more aroused.

Why not use that giant dildo you bought from the strange peddler in Pornicle?

What's missing? The orgasm :( There was a bug and instead it chose the failure event so I didn't include it. Oh well ><


  1. a little help here I can't find your email and i was on that thank you list obviously you can't put it here so could you email me thank you my email address is in my profile

    (if anyone but the people in charge of this blog use it they better have a good reason and not just to bug me for the game)

  2. p.s. please respond here to tell me that your doing so I hardly ever check my email unless I'm expecting something

  3. Very excited to hear that .20a will be coming out soon (though I'm not one of the lucky ones who'll get to try it, lol), and that .30a is aimed for the end of August. Sex systems sounds quite interesting.

  4. On pacifism, it would be cool if most/all conflicts could be solved another way, even after the combat system is set out. Kind of like Iji, except in this case it would be dialogue/magic, rather than manipulating the kill-count system. Or at least make it possible to rape/sex things into submission.

  5. @joe: My e-mail is tacoking.fp@gmail.com

    It's not quite time to e-mail me about this anyways ;).

    @quizmoq: While there will be combat that can't be avoided (though you could flee) there will be ways to stop / avoid combat through diplomacy during the fight (provided you haven't attacked) and also before a fight with certain NPCs.

  6. Sooooo.... Im in Alpha testing of 0.20a too? (Even trough mine's looooong inactivity?) ^^

  7. (oh , and this xxx system sounds great,cant wait for it 0:3 (I thing this game is goin be better than Slow-Updating&Informin-Slave-Maker-3) ;33 ^^)

  8. You helped me out at one point so naturally. I don't expect people to dedicate themselves to the game but any help is appreciated. There have been roughly 10,000 downloads (of .10.13a and the updated Icon fix version) and only a small fraction put up bug reports, any such gesture is greatly appreciated.

  9. Is it possible more exact release date for the new version? (Tired of waiting, you feed us some promises, and we are waiting and waiting, but are unable to wait to game)

  10. Oh , nice , i really didnt even hope in it :D xD Nice :3

    Warlord: Be patient , Taco (with big T! :D) is sure-ly hard working on this game ! So , just wait like others of us :3

  11. to make sure I understand i email you when the alpha test post exists

  12. Warlord, you are free to write, program, and edit your own game ^_^.

  13. Tossed out a bug report, with some detailed info if it may help..

    Okay, I admit I'm trying for .20a testing, but I also hoped I pointed out something that would help pinpoint that naming error regardless. I just didn't think of reporting it when I saw it, AFTER initially skimming through the Bug Reports page. Forgive me, honestly this post reminded me.

    Anyway. The sex system is something I am very excited about, and can't wait to play with when I get that chance. I was a little surprised that it's taken longer to get out the .20a alpha, but I also figured the complicated coding was a huge factor in this. I don't know how do what you do, honestly, and so I could only imagine the amount of work you've put into this one feature.

    Well, the entire game, really and for free! I do appreciate it, and am so glad I found this.

    ...I have to ask, the precum thing..is that..nah, I'll wait to find out. XD

  14. It's strange because while each event itself in the sex system isn't that long, there are just a lot of then. That and I had to program the general flow of everything...also I have to work and socialize too so it takes away programming time :p. I'm very dedicated to the project so I don't think I will disappoint anyone other than the impatient.

    The game originally started development in March (end of March). If anyone has been around since the start, I'm sure they could tell you there wasn't even really a game for an entire month. I guess the reason I bring that up is because I will deliver, it just takes awhile (also, having to switch from coding languages after the first month did set me back considerably timewise, but it was for the better)

  15. Awesome! You nearing the next major release. I cannot wait. Farm and sex system are gonna be fun. I would rather have the sex system first than combat personally. So if its not ready I am sure not complaining.

    The first chunk of this game was quite fun and showed a lot of potential. It sure looks like it is coming around. Keep up the good work!

    And then at some point you can start on the Elf Hunting. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg

  16. I would hate to bother anyone but I simply need to ask for help here and I am not really sure where to post it so I guess I will go with here.

    I have Net 4.0 installed and the power pack installed and pornarium works fine... for the first time I start it up, every time after that when I attempt load I game I get a error message and if I attempt to make a new character I also get a error message, was there something I was supposed to do with net.40 or the power pack, a special directory was to be made? Any help would be appreciated.

  17. If you could display the exact error text I could probably help you more. You can also e-mail it to tacoking.fp@gmail.com

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