Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Image Hunter Wanted

As the new build arrives closer I realize that I am desperately lacking an image hunter to fill in the various areas of Pornicle. If you are interested send me an e-mail ^_^, any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. An image hunter simply needs to help find various images to fit with events and locations for Pornicle (and should follow Futanari Palace's DO NOT POST list as guidelines). Also, if you are interested:
  • Make sure you can accept images of male, futanari, and females interacting in any possible combination. While players will have a choice to avoid such acts (such as male on male) there still need to be images to support such interactions.

You don't need to dedicate your life to the game, but I have a growing list of images I need and unfortunately do not have as much time to scour the nets to find them as I once did. If no one is interested or if no one has the time I understand 100%, it will not have an impact on the game's development other than it will simply take longer to fill in various blank spots for images.


  1. Perhaps you could post a list of what you need on this blog (with a spoiler tag)?
    I don't think I'd really have the time to work as a reliable image hunter, but I'd be happy to pass along any images I find in my... err... "travels".

  2. I can probably do some Taco. Hopefully you still have my email so send me a list of what you're looking for.

  3. You might just post the list of what you need - over on FP if nowhere else - in addition to forming a posse. Rather than having a few people scraping out entire series of images for you, You'd likely get a lot more people sending you stuff, albeit only one or two images each, that fit your need.

    You'd probably get a lot of stuff you didn't need or that wasn't what you were looking for, but you might very well get a few gems the 'official' seekers didn't find. The more the merrier, as they say and editorial perogative works best with lots of choices at hand.

  4. Something to help you (Or said image hunter out), one great site are the sites very similar in design to gelbooru.com Type a tag in and swim through pages of sexual goodness. Sometimes even stuff that will make you all O_o what the heck? XD

  5. Actually JustDoug, that's a great idea....I think I have a great plan now :D.

    I will put a blank image in for events that have none (hopefully nothing too annoying) that says: "Submit an image for this event, see pornarium.blogspot.com") with a link to visit the blog (copying some identifying event data to the clipboard so I can easily find the event in question)

  6. Sounds like fun :)
    I consider myself good at this sort of thing, so I'll gladly assist.

    Mind sending me an email list? I'd prefer if I didn't have to go back and work through the entire game each time I wanted new criteria, y'know? (Not that I don't intend to see every inch of it anyway :P )

    Email is sdibolcrif@yahoo.com

  7. I'd love to help out or be part of a gang of hunters. It's a bit like a game in itself. A list would be useful I suppose, if only to save time. If you do need me specifically for some unknown reason, authorsroost@yahoo.com

  8. http://danbooru.donmai.us/

  9. If I may.

    I can help. I have over 9000 gigs of the stuff.

    Just gimme an email or something.

    Fuck professionality, you're looking for someone to hand you porn images.

  10. well, you can use my help if you want

  11. So... any chance of an email?

  12. Sorry for the late responses here guys, I've been rather busy fixing the bugs so I somewhat forgot about this page (though have been responding to e-mails on this matter).

    The next update will feature a text label where an image otherwise would be stating that no image is available (and giving you some descriptive text letting you know which event it is for), you can send any pictures (provided they follow Futanaripalacae's DNP list) to my e-mail at:



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