Monday, August 29, 2011

Wednesday : 8/31

Just a quick reminder that I'll post the next build finally Wednesday night. It will be really buggy so beware. It doesn't have everything I hoped to include (way back two months ago) but I shall still post it so worry not :)


  1. is wednesday tmr? O_O

    ah...Pornarium is a very good game XDD

  2. I would estimate it being out Wednesday, August 31st, sometime between 21:00 - 23:59 GMT - 5 (or 4 right now due to daylight savings). I would view the estimated time as a "mean" time so likely around 22:29:29.49 :p

    It's going to be buggy mostly because of the new event system but it will be there :D

  3. I..uh...don't see it..Unless I am blind, the download is postponed or this site is in another country with the 31st as today...But no download...damn...soz if this is annoying

  4. Ah it is in another country just saw the time. 7:53pm. Where I am it 12:56am on the 1/9/11


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