Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small Progress Update

Since I had a decent chunk of time to program today, I thought I'd give a brief post to describe what I worked on today. Our editor, Hawtstuff requested some additional features for the event creator which I was happy to program in. I can't wait until you all see the types of things he's down with the editor, he's really gotten used to my weird bbcode like event codes and has made a lot of improvements to the events around Pornicle.

While working on the University a bit, I had to make some modifications to the skills list. I've added survival which is based on stamina and intelligence and seduction (to sex skills) which is based on appearance and intelligence. Swimming has been removed, I've decided to simply let player's swimming skill transfer over to survival so your time raising the skill isn't completely wasted. I've also alphabetized the skill window...why it wasn't in the first place I don't understand. I've also added the much requested hip ratio attribute (as well as shoulder ratio). Though it's still a ways away, when you all do get an opportunity to play the next huge update you'll find that you will be asked to select which ever of these ratios you'd like for your already existing characters. These ratios don't really do anything yet, they are mostly for aesthetic purposes, but I assume as time passes we'll find some creative ways to use them yet.

My next big day to program is Saturday which hopefully I'll be able to provide you all with another brief progress report. If I feel there isn't enough to show you yet, I may wait until Monday.


  1. to make it much better make a list of downloads from v.0 to now

  2. @Caw:
    That sounds like a lot of meaningless work if you ask me.

  3. that really does not seem like theres anyo point in doing that @caw well if u want to download them then yea but why would u bother? just play the current one ? (somewhat tired so may not make any sense)

  4. I won't be doing that for reason Oliva and Demonralf said. I may for Nostalgia purposes release old versions. If I can find version 0.10a, the very first release, I will release that when 0.30a comes out just for laughs as it's horrible in comparison.

    In other news, the cooking skill is implemented. You can only cook greasy food and tacos right now but it's a start :D I'll post more on this tomorrow (or actually later today lol) though.


    However there can only be one King of Tacos


    Wow I spelled that right on my first try

    It's gonna be a good day

  6. Everyone has been asking me to put tacos in the game so I decide to oblige :p I think it was a good choice.

  7. Will there be levels in taco cooking? Let's say lvl 1 is Taco apprentice, lvl 5 is Taco master and finally lvl 10 is TACOKING?

    That would be an awesome homage/easter egg:P

  8. There can be only one!

    *Someone hidden decapitates the fake Tacoking*

    So no, you can't become a Tacoking or we'll have scots running all over the place.

  9. It has to be something completely ridiculous, like "Taco Chancellor" or "Taco Prime Minister".

  10. You know how Taco's have minced meat in them? How about "Meat beating champion"? lol:P


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