Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just some random preview stuffs

I finally got around to completing the last portion of Version 0.13a which involved populating the sex system with sex toys, positions, and special sexual techniques. The next internal version, 0.14a will feature actual text for all of the events you see in the preview pictures below (replacing the humorous placeholder text).

One thing I omitted was the changing of sex positions. I am unsure if I want to implement this feature yet and would appreciate some feedback on subject if you guys have any. The planned implementation currently allows you to assume an (optional) position for a round. if you succeed a skill check, you move into a special position and gain bonuses for that round for certain sex actions (without spending any FP). If you fail, you simply don't take a specific position and may proceed normally without spending any FP. I am leaning toward including it this way but am still on the fence about it somewhat, if there is a really huge outcry against it I will probably get rid of it but if everyone doesn't mind this I likely will keep it in the game.

Before people get into the possibility of revising that aspect of the system, for now it would be far too much work to account for every sexual position on your partner's turn (as there are already an ass ton of variables involved with that) so I made it a "one round only" type of thing.

Anyways, now for the images with a brief caption describing what's going on:

Start of the Sex System: What is missing? A description of who is before you. When version 0.14a is complete, this section will be filled in with text. Note the actions available on the left. Depending on what body parts your partner has, certain actions are available (see earlier preview on this a few days back for an example) or are grayed out. Each action (except for cumming, changing positions, or  some sexual techniques) consumes 1FP.
Dialogue Displayed after attempting to fuck this demo partner. Please note that this is placeholder  text and was included because it makes me chuckle when I read it.  Also note how arousal rates go up for both the player and the partner. You are probably wondering why your partner's arousal increased more than yours considering that you failed...That is a subtle hint from the sex system. Each partner has it's own likes and dislikes, finding what the partner enjoys the most will greatly increase your success at getting them to orgasm. If this was combat, I would say you would be finding their "weaknesses". The opposite is true, find something they dislike and their arousal will only grow by 1 or 2 even if you succeed. If they happen to hate a certain action, their arousal may even drop, sometimes drastically.

This image displays a small list of special sexual techniques available to the player. These vary depending on many variables. You can even give items (like the small pink vial, not pictured) to your partners. Giving your partner the aforementioned vial will cause them to either grow breasts or cause their breasts to increase to massive proportions, enabling them to gain a special sexual technique of their own (i.e. they can titfuck you). Sex techniques do not always cost FP (sometimes they even reward it) while other times they cost more then one FP.

A list of sex toys that you have in your inventory. Depending on which body parts your partner has, you can choose a corresponding target. Note the chosen button is highlighted.
When you succeed, you are given a chance to gain a skill point or lose a skill point. Each action you succeed at gives you a 10% chance to gain a skill point in that skill. Each failure subtracts 5% from the previously mentioned percentage and if it goes into negatives,  gives you that percent chance to lose a skill point. Your skills can never be brought below 20 and you can hit a cap for improvement with some characters.


  1. Proof that pleasing a woman is hard even in a virtual setting.

    Now where are my cheat codes...

  2. This is looking amazing. Keep up the excellent work.

  3. sweet. kinda reminds me this D&D stuff

  4. Any idea of when we can expect the next release?
    I don't mean to sound impatient, just eager :P

  5. I gave it a 1 - 2 month time frame. The one month time frame was ambitious at the time I gave it (Mid-June) so I would reasonably expect it Early / Mid August. Of course delays can happen but I don't see anything particular delaying it. Since the sex system is done as far as it's functionality I just need to write the events for it which should be done sometime this week. After that, it's filling in the University, Bar, Government Offices (really quick task), and Backwater district with planned content. That will hopefully get done in the next week and a half after next which means .20a could conceivably be ready for private testing Mid-July.

    If the combat system ends up being the only thing holding up the .30a release I plan to actually ignore it or partially implement it, and fix it / finish implementing it after I release 0.30a during the bug fixing phase. The magic system, which will be made for .40a is (based on my programming experiences) going to be easy to implement so if I have to dedicate further time for the combat system at that time as a worst case scenario I will.

    Combat is supposed to be in the game, but isn't a huge focus per se, just something that can happen. Hope that gives you an idea of where the game is headed :D


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