Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Update: All About Alchemy

   I've had a lot of fun making the alchemy tradeskill. There is significantly more to Alchemy then cooking (which really just requires knowledge of a food and the appropriate set of ingredients) which I think will make it more fun. After taking a few alchemy lessons at the university, you may want to experiment with Alchemy. You will see items with the keyword [Alchemy] listed after them to indicate they can be used in Alchemy potions. Once you have such an item, you can use the experiment action at the University Laboratory to see if you can make any potions with those items (you don't need to click and select them, but you must have them in your inventory). If you posses the correct items and skill level, you will consume a basic alchemy ingredient (bought at the store for a cheap 50EP) and gain the ability to create a new potion! As long as you have the correct ingredients, simply going to the laboratory and using the create potion action will let you brew a potion.
   There's more though! A lot of items you gain in the game will produce various effects, but what if you wish to produce the opposite effect? Provided you have the correct skill, simply bring a potion you want to reverse (if it is reversible it will have the [alchemy] keyword in it's description) and a Reversia Rhemannia (they can be bought or gathered) and experiment, and if you have the correct skill voila! You will create the opposite potion (example: Small Pink Vial becomes Large Blue Flask, which shrinks your bust ;) ).

Items Galore!
   If you exclude money and key items,when Pornarium 0.10a was released it had 10 items you could gather. As of right now (and I'm not quite done with Pornicle yet!) there are roughly 35 items. Expect to see even more items as time passes.Though I can't guarantee this feature will be in 0.30a, I will be adding a "storage" feature so that excess items can be placed in your home. With all the new items in the game it's getting quite annoying having to drop / sell everything ><.

The Pub
   My next planned area to complete is going to be Pronman's pub. It should be a fairly straight forward area (it's a pub after all). It will be a place to unwind, get drunk, and meet people. It will also add a new job to Pornicle based on both your cooking skill (for mixing drinks) and your charisma skill. If you do well on both you should be able to rack in some decent tips.

Alchemy / Item Screenshots
 Nothing fancy here, but these are some new alchemy/item screenshots:

Using a Pink Vial and a Reversia Rhemannia will allow you to make potions that have the opposite effect of their original.

When you lack an alchemy ingredient, you will be informed of this by evil red text.

There are already many potions to make, and many more are going to be included as time goes on.

There are many new items in the game now. Some of them are simple, like a cup of coffee, others unlock new transformations.

The alchemy keyword informs you of items that can be used in Alchemy.


  1. A few things:

    I am loving the sound of that potion list. Except for the soap. Because it sounds like in order to reduce hip size we have to GRIND THE FLESH OFF OUR SIDES

    Or maybe I'm just fucked up

    How's the whole tinkerer thing going for you?

  2. I haven't really done anything with tinkering yet. It took awhile to make Alchemy so cool and I can't do tinkering justice just yet. Echo had some crazy ideas for it that he was telling me about and with the advent of storage later on I think I can make the skill useful.


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