Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday Update...now on Tuesday again!

I forgot that yesterday was a holiday the last time I made a Monday Update, so I suppose this Monday update is also on Tuesday (doh!). This week's update is going to be fairly brief as I don't have too much to add but I wanted to at least give you all an idea on what's next.

Sex System Events
    The sex system is functionally completed (and was as of July 3rd) bringing the game to Version 0.13a. Shortly after I make this post I plan to fully update the 0.13a update notes. Check these out periodically as they will give an idea on what changes are being made to the game at each step of the way. As a reminder, only at set stages will the game be available for download and public testing (0.10a, 0.30a, 0.50a, etc.) so bear with us.

   Anyways, the next step in development is to craft the events for the sex system. These events are mainly generic and are essentially texts detailing what each action does. Each partner you meet will potentially have their own unique tricks and abilities and certain NPCs will have their own unique interactions / orgasm events though these will be filled in when these  NPCs are developed (version after 0.14a). I expect this process to take at most until the end of the week. When I get some spare time I write down a few, several, or many of these outcomes as time permits but I've made some decent progress already.So what's after this? Between now and next Monday, I can't guarantee I will have a lot to post, but feel free to ask me questions if you want to know about any of the topics discussed on this update in the comment section.

Finishing Pornicle
   Pornicle, Pornarium's first of three planned cities will finally be finished. This part won't take too long, at least in some areas. The remaining areas (ordered in terms of how involved they are from most to least): Pornicle University, The Backwater District, Pronman's Pub, and the Government Offices will all be fleshed out finally. I plan to do work on them in order of complexity so hopefully next Monday's update will indicate the plans for the University which not only will serve as a font of knowledge but also will introduce some very basic item creations (think alchemy, learning to cook, etc.)

  Though I don't want to talk too much about this yet, before you know it the 0.20a private test will begin.This process will last one to two weeks (though I will be actively programming still). During this time I will make attempts to contact people who have helped out in various ways (such as bug reporting, sending me images, etc.). This bug hunting process will work slightly differently then the 0.10a bug hunt as it will not feature any updates to the 0.20a version (unless it crashes instantly for everyone :p) and is mainly so I can collect a list of bugs to fix later. I expect it to be unstable and only the brave souls who I contact should choose wisely before dealing with such a beast. I hope this process will enable the transition into version 0.30a easier and plan to hold more private tests on version like 0.40a, 0.60a, etc provided they work well. 

That's about it for today. If any of you have any random events you'd like to propose for any sex system button you see in the July 3rd post send me an e-mail at tacoking.fp@gmail.com. If you are interested contact me in that manner. I naturally will give you a "thank you" on the thanks page. While any assistance is appreciated, I don't absolutely need assistance and regardless of any help or not everything will be right on schedule, just wanted to give people an opportunity to throw in their spin(s) into the sex system to make it more diverse. This is essentially a standing offer for the game's development cycle so anytime you want to chime in I'd love to have your event ^_^ (these are only about a paragraph long, so nothing too wordy :) )


  1. Every update no matter how small or large helps to increase my excitement. Keep up da good fight :<

  2. Excellent! I'll send you a mail tomorrow btw! :)

  3. Thank you for your hard work.
    I like this game! ^^

  4. Amazing! I've played all the updates so far, and this game just can't stop getting better!
    Keep it up! =)

  5. Thanks for the kind words guys :) I want to show you all more screenshots and I will when I can, but right now it's just a lot of writing so there's not a ton to show yet. Once the sex events are fully fleshed out I'll show you some of the random dialogues that are associated with each action. It's getting there :D. I had a bit of a writers block earlier this week (the actual sex system was an exhausting but satisfying chunk of code to write) but I'm back on track now.

    Next Monday update I'll start talking about the University which I think people will enjoy :)

  6. Damn I can't wait for the next release. This game is gonna be so great. And Elf hunting. I really really can't wait to see what you have in mind for Elf hunting.


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