Monday, July 25, 2011

Pornarium Gender Question

I will be putting up a new poll moments after this post to ask a serious demographic question. I am very curious to how many men, women, and other genders play this game....I have my personal opinions as to what the actual numbers may be but I don't want to ruin the poll too much by stating them :p.

This is a fairly important question because it will let me know what genders our audience is composed of. I really want to make sure I make content that appeals to all genders (sexuality is a question we can address later), I wonder if the audience for this game truly is predominantly a certain gender like I'm predicting. After placing the poll online, I will make an "auto post" to announce what my expected results were :)


  1. No matter what the results my aim will be to make content that appeals to all genders, but I am really curious as to what the actual makeup of the players are :)

  2. Male born here but I relate more with women if that makes a difference.

  3. @Malkadrix: I'm more of just curious as to what genders play. If anything, if I find out less women / others play for example, I will try to find ways to make the game more appealing for them without making it unappealing for others (i.e. you won't be forced to interact with male NPCs if you play a male character but they will be there for female characters and/or anyone else who wishes to interact with them).

  4. male here , tend to play female mostly h gender tho


    Truly, i don't have any problem with that... But my male characters comes to became female and the female can't avoid their voluptuous breastmilks! >o<

  6. @Sevarl
    Don't worry gender transformations will be coming to the game all too soon :)

    And for those of you who want it, eventually an official game guide will be written as well, since we can tell quite a few want one!

  7. I'm not trying to tell you how to make your game but making certain changes to it so that it would appeal more to those who don't already play it seems kinna...not smart .
    Also till now you seemed very interested in the opinions of those who play the game,this would sort of be the opposite.
    Last,but probably most improtant, all great things are great because they've been made to be as good as they can be not beacuse they were made to fit certain criteria .
    That said the votes are prety well distributed, I don't think you realistically improve the percentage of females as it quite high already, even more so for the 'others' considerin the world is not exactly overflowing with them

  8. @Mihai Madas: I must strong disagree with you. The reason I posted this poll was because some female players felt that the game itself was overflowing with content that didn't pertain to them. The game obviously doesn't solely appeal to a male audience, though the results so far obviously show a predominantly male audience. If I can boost the female percentages by adding some additional content that will appeal to more women, I see little harm in doing so.

  9. Stupid lack of an edit button ><

    Also, I don't want to give anyone the impression that all if this poll shows that mostly men play, I'm all of a sudden going to make women only content or something, that's just silly :p.

  10. Female here. I'm delighted to see you're not forgetting the wimmenz!

  11. Hello, I just did, for the first time, the download of the game, and I confess that I am impressed with the work presented, so if you need help, ideas in pictures or anything that does not involve programming, or take, censorship of photographs, I am willing to help.
    I can say I love especially the strong content of the game.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. Male. Love the game, not to picky on content as I usually play female or herm chars. Anyways look forward to the next release.


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