Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday actually on Monday! (Barely)

The University
   The main focus of today's update is going to be on the next area under construction, the University. The University has been given a bunch of actions:

The university will give you a chance to raise a lot of knowledge based skills including knowledge itself. On a certain day of the week, you'll be able to take an exam at the university which will give you a chance to raise your intelligence skill should you pass a knowledge check when taking the exam.

You will also have the opportunity to pay for cooking and engineering lessons to boost these trade skills. I will also be adding in a new cooking event at home to cook some food, though I'm not sure if there will be anything added for tinkering just yet...perhaps you all can give me some ideas for some very simple tinkering items. In the future, you will be able to use tinkering to make random gadgets to help you out in various ways.

Before you take a glance at these next two images, bear in mind I haven't written any descriptions yet. The reasons they are included is to show the possible actions. Also note that the picture for the University Lab is a placeholder image for now as I think Slavemaker makes use of this image so I want to try to avoid it's use in the future, but for now it works as a simple placeholder:

The Alchemy lab will allow you to take lessons to learn the basics of alchemy. As with other Pornicle skills, you can raise your alchemy skill up to 20. Experimenting with Alchemy will allow you to raise your skill and learn how to make potions. Once you've learned to make a potion, a simple menu will pop up asking you what potion you would like to make. Each potion will require ingredients that you must gather in the wilderness or find in some way. Experimenting doesn't require ingredients solely because I don't want to make it too much of a pain to make things.

The final non-secret area of the University is the Library shown here (again lacking a description):

The library offers a quiet place to study for exams. Studying will make it more likely to succeed before taking an exam. Though you can rely on simple knowledge to pass, without the studying you will be more apt to fail. Don't worry, you don't need to study a billion times to succeed or anything, think of it as a "buff" for taking the test :p. Finding a book to read will give you a chance to boost some random skills such as survival and gathering and perhaps other skills, but it isn't always guaranteed. Finally, the library is quite old. Sometimes it pays to look around, you never know what you might find laying around.

The Sex System
   This event writing for this is going well, but it's not as far along as I'd hoped. I do hope to have it done soon, possibly even by tomorrow but who knows :p. Some events are barely implemented in the game right now but they are a bit too buggy to even give you screenshots (things like double pronouns, oh boy). Chances are when it's fully completed, I will display some screenshots later this week.


  1. Double pronoun all the way across the text, YEAH YEAAAAAH, SO GRAMMATICALLY INTENSE

    Worn-out memes aside, I do have a small tinkering idea, but it may not exactly be what you're after. The problem I'm having right now is visualizing your system in terms of "here are your materials, this is what you can make." It's not like we're going to make a sleeping bag when we can go out and buy one. (Although I could imagine making some sort of horrible sex demon robot out of some dildos, a powersaw, some duct tape and a 12v battery ((yes I am MacGuyver, thanks for asking)))

    I've gotten off topic slightly.

    Anyway, perhaps tinkering doesn't have to be just about making new things. You mentioned engineering classes and it got me thinking about the event where you try to bridge the gap over the river to get to the cum leaf. If you've taken a few engineering classes perhaps you can get a bonus to chance to succeed at the event because you know how to build a better stick bridge. That's probably not quite what you were after, but that's what you're getting.

    As an aside, mostly for Echo, perhaps somewhere in all this there is a class to distinguish various types of foliage, leading to you stumbling upon the as of yet unseen white-balled priapus mushroom...

    I haven't forgotten sir. You give it a color and you're just asking for variants. Well, I'm asking for variants anyway. Just one really. The mushroom is calling to me... which is probably a sign that I should get some sleep.

    I'll see if I can come up with some better stuff for you tomorrow Taco.

    I wonder what kind of mascot Porn U has...

    Oh, one more thing while I'm here, what kinds of things will cooking food at home do for us? I expect buffs most likely, but perhaps if we bring a ladyfriend home we could flex our cooking muscles at her as well, hmm?

    Actually that brings up the question of potions as well, what sorts of things are we talking? Or are you going to be asking us for ideas for that next? I have one right now if you'd like to hear it. Since you're not able to respond to me right now I'm going to assume yes and make and ass out of you and me and tell you anyway, they sell minor bull potions in the shop but perhaps we can learn to make the major variety? With significant reagent costs of course, it only stands to reason that it would take some rare ingredients. Ah but what would it do? Having it do the same thing as the minor variety but stronger would be slightly disappointing, no? Make you slightly taller? Bulk you up? Grow an extra pair of balls? (I know bulls don't have more then one pair of balls but I think we've thrown rationality out the window here.) Small horns?

    I'm out of ideas. For now.

    This is gonna be a long post...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. There better be some awesome "Hot for Teacher" type stuff, obviously the main character isn't going to be a shota, but that doesn't mean that the situation isn't hot. Good work, I can't wait to find these seecrets.

  4. @Nazca: There are plenty of good ideas for potions, especially since I'll be adding some new statistics in the game shortly (hip ratio and shoulder width for example) :p

    As for your tinkering ideas, that is a good one about the bridge :D. The beauty of text is that you can do virtually anything within the limits of your imagination and I don't see why I couldn't add something like that.

    @Quizmoq: I have some other ideas in mind (though they actually fit right in with what you brought up) but that said with the sex system, there could always be a teacher programmed in ;)

  5. Oh god I just noticed the site thumbnail

    Taco I love you


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