Monday, January 2, 2012

Pornarium Version 0.34a

I've decided to put a link to version 0.34a up finally. There isn't a major difference between the development build (if you have version 0.33a Revision 5 there isn't a heck of a lot difference) but if you have the older version, 0.23a, this version will add quite a bit.

This version adds:
  • Equipment
  • Magic
  • Combat
  • Ability to use up to five items at once

    0.34a should be mostly stable and all of the new system mentioned above should work (though bugs may still be present). I wanted to get more out but I happily am going on vacation for a couple weeks so that sadly won't happen just yet :P
   When I get back I expect work to have calmed down rather substantially so hopefully that will give me more time to program! While I'm away, I may visit the blog but I cannot post any updates. I'll have my laptop on vacation but it really doesn't facilitate programing (I only have one monitor and only the express version of visual studio on that PC). I'll start focusing on content more when I return, combat, magic, and equipment were key features I wanted in the game since I began creating it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your hairstyles are not saving (showing up as none) visit the Government district and change your hair there. I added the ability to do so in that location as for whatever reason a past version did not save hairstyles. My apologies for this.

Visit the downloads page for the link to the latest version. Visit the update notes page if this version doesn't work.


  1. I could use a fellow blogger to confirm this but after the prostitute thing, It would list "you have lost 500 ep" and it would stay like that forever. help?

  2. Take it easy and enjoy yourself Taco. You've earned it.

  3. I still for the life of me can't figure out where to get cooking instruction.

  4. is the elf still in the skinny dipping? i for the life of me cant find her.

  5. Arg, What's the item that alters space-time?

  6. @weirdoman: I've just gotten it too, reported it on the bugs page.

    @Dorkulon: try the college during the day.

    @Dale: I haven't seen the elf during skinny dipping in fact, I've really only seen the guy who wants to fuck. Skinny Dipping could use a lot of work.

    @Thomas: You should reflect on this for a while, struggle with it, and if all else fails, break something. Like some thugs.

    @Taco: THANKS for a great game. This is a huge improvement, and I love it. I do have two suggestions, though: the elemental item (a flower which does these things) is very non-obvious, moreso since every other item is findable, not buyable. The priapis shroom seems like a more obvious choice, or aqua solya. Combat could also use a tweak - it's easy to run out of FP, and then you're screwed (especially if heavily armored) because there's very little you can do - you can't flee, all you can do is move away, which leads to the opponent always charging and attacking. Give us a desperation attack that drains our hp to use if we're out of fp, please.

  7. Taco, do you use skype or google talk? You ought to add me if ya have either (just search by email,

    I hope the focus shifts to more content...I'm going to be holding off on DLing the next few patches so I have a lot of new stuff to play with!

  8. I keep getting Error #13 whenever a skill is supposed to be raised (invalid conversion of type 2 to type integer). All I see is [skillup: ... etc].

    Tried installing everything again, downloading the game, but still getting the same error - most probably a typing error in the code, but since everyone else seems to be able to play, I assume it's me. Help?

  9. do classes stop giving skill increases after you reach a certain point? If so It would be nice if the game tells us we are too advanced for the class or something. I've spent 10,000 EP on the cooking class recently and got absolutely nothing to show for it. That and spending weeks trying to create a new alchemy recipe and not having any success are the only 2 complaints I have with this otherwise awesome game.

  10. OK I've got Shandia to invite me to her room to get intimate... Twice! Where the heck is her dressing room LOL.

  11. @weirdoman: If a messsage such as that appears, you can either hit escape or if that doesn't work, hit the small "X" in the popup window to close it.

    @Dorkulon: You should be able to recieve cooking instructions at the university. If you mean you cannot figure out how cooking works, you basically need to learn recipes (the first of which can be learned at the university) at various places in the game. The recipes require cooking ingrediants which can be purchased at a shop.

    @Dale: She should be, but someone else has informed me as well that she is not appearing. Probably a typo or something on my part.

    @Fenoxo: I use google talk, I'll have to add you.

    @Andron: Which langauge setting do you use, and on which event does this occur. Previously this was related to a langauge error and I was able to fix it in most cases.

    @Tantor: That's a good point and an oversight on my part. I'll work on adding a message which informs you when the cap has been reached as there is one (I believe it's 15 off the top of my head, perhaps 10)

    @Turanga Leela: Although she is programmed, there is an error with her encounter and I didn't put her in the update prior to my departure. This will work when I update next which shouldn't be in too long.

  12. @Taco:
    .NET uses german by default. Thought of that, but ... I did not find any method of changing it. Me noob. The problem occurs on every possible event that raises a stat (besides arousal) - meaning: I don't get the small windowy thingy in the upper left corner, but instead the error message to my face.

    However: I recently bought a new PC - and that's where the game stopped working. Old PC was letting me play smoothly.
    I'm gonna try and uninstall the whole thing and download it from the links on this page, again. Still thankful for all the insight you might have.

  13. I actually tested the game in the German language setting previously to test it, so that shouldn't be an issue. Though if anyone else is having an error of this nature it would be helpful to know if you are using any language outside of English.

  14. Well ... still no idea how to even change the language, but if you say you tested it, there seems to be no need to. However, I am still having the same issue, no idea how to resolve that.

  15. Andron, do you recall specifically which event this occurs at? It could also simply be a typo on my part in the game event text file.

  16. As I said before: It occurs on every event that raises a skill. Play a sport in the park, go to school, work, lucid dreaming ... hence I doubt it's a simple typo.

  17. Hmmm, I'll test it out again and attempt to fix whatever it is Andron.


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