Sunday, February 17, 2013

Final available version

this is a bleeding edge test build dated december 12th. enjoy and rip at it, as most resources are stored in resx files. for the download. in self-extracting archive format. Teraunce out.

Addendum: downloading from 2shared:
How can I download a file from 2shared? 
If you have found the file you are interested in My Files list, click on the blue arrow with the hint "Download" opposite the file name. Otherwise open provided download link in your browser. If the file is not protected by a password you can easily download it by clicking on the Download button. If the file is protected by a password and you know it, you should enter the password into the appropriate form to be able to access the file. If you do not know the password, you will not be able to download the file. 
" from the faq at .


  1. hi guys, is there any other link other than 2shared?

    Also, is it possible to post a guide to downloading on 2shared, whenever i clicked on download, all it does is refresh.

    I could spent the whole night clicking and i still wont be able to get the file..

    1. Pity I can't get to it, tried disabling all my blockers to find there still isn't a "Blue arrow" and I can't "Click on pornarioum-last version.exe" to download them :|

  2. whenever i save my game and then load it, the screen seems to shutter and certain actions on the right vanish including the load and save button. also the travel/sleep pops up in the middle of the screen. is it like this for anyone else?

    1. Same here, also the Travel/Sleep popup happens when using an item, and then the UI's background becomes black, then most of the buttons are removed and the game is basically locked up.

  3. I've got the same problem with saving...certain actions vanish and I get travel/sleep pop up. Also sleep until 8 am and 8 pm doesn't work, equipment and magic won't open...

  4. Sadly that upload website is a joke. Too much spam and very confusing to download. Therefor not risking malware. Sorry :(

    1. I cant see anything. Although, im using addblocker.. Thought even dialuppers used that. And no, the download is clean

  5. Guys if you're having problems with 2shared being infested with ads just get Adblock Plus. I had no problem finding the download button.

  6. Utter nonsense here, because he already said it wouldn't happen, but what if some insane subset of Bethesda or Gearbox (Or Volition, now that THQ is gone. Rest in peace, old friend, rest in piece) decides to work with Tacoking to turn this game into a full blown 3D RPG? God, that would amazing. Redundant, but amazing.

  7. Sadly there's no way that would happen. The Christfags would cry giant crocodile tears and it would be a huge scandal. Remember how stupid the country got over the hot coffee mod?

  8. I am sorry to hear this game as stopped development. I hope all the developers can regain their inspiration if not hopefully some day they will find interest a developing a new game.

    For note I found the posted version almost unplayable. I got cases where it hung when wandering around. The revised user interface had potential but the button were over blown-up (resized too loarge) to be blurry and unappealing.

    Thanks again for some enjoyable game play.

  9. Shame that this version is so buggy, I really enjoyed this game and followed it.

    Hopefully he does a quick fix for his fans before he really is done for good. I can't use any items as a big black screen pops up, whenever I load a save, same thing.

  10. Re: VB Powerpack 10. Question about Game Installation

    I've heard about this game on and off and I am interested in it. But I have this question that has probably been asked to death and it's been nagging at me, but I didn't see an answer to it under the FAQs nor the Downloads tab.

    So this game can only be played for 240 days after installing VB Powerpack (the same link that is shown under the Downloads tab on this very blog)? That can't be right, can it? I mean, I can see a lot of people following the game...

    3. TIME-SENSITIVE SOFTWARE. The software will stop running 240 days after you install it or on April 15, 2010, whichever comes first. You will not receive any other notice. You may not be able to access data used with the software when it stops running.

    Is there a better version of VB we should be using? Is there a workaround against this time limit? I mean, what if I want to play this game again later in the year? Am I just SOL then?

    I'm honestly curious and I apologize if this seems like such an elementary question, but I won't know the answer unless I ask, right? :) Looking forward to a reply on this issue.

    Oh and hey, I read some of the other blog entries and wanted to say good luck in your life, TacoKing.

    1. I've got Visual Studio 2012 on my PC and I got no problem running this game. You should try downloading the Express Edition maybe it can solve your problem.

    2. Firstly, thank you for responding!

      From what I can ascertain, it looks like anyone using any MS OS that is pre-Windows 7 is unable to play this game without the clock ticking down from 240 days. Visual Studio 2012 only supports Windows 7 or higher (and Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012, respectively). I'm still using the older XP OS like other holdouts. XD

      I was also looking at the different Visual Basic power packs and older versions of Visual Studio but those that might work all seem to have that time-sensitive clause in there. Unless I missed something with Visual Basic, the Power Packs, or Visual Studio, I think people like me that still use the older operating systems are shit-out-of-luck. Hopefully, this isn't true.

      ---> Are there any other ways or workarounds to get this game running?

      I really like to give this game a try as I've heard good things about it in passing but that seems less and less likely. (Yes, I know, I could always upgrade the OS but I'm not going to do that for just one game when everything else that needs doing on the PC works just fine. You know what I mean?)

      So, perhaps another question I should be asking is:
      Are there any XP users out there who have gotten this game to run correctly without having to rely on "time-sensitive software"? If so, how did you go about doing that?

      Thanks for reading the comment and offering any helpful and useful suggestions you may offer.

      DR;TL --- How does one get the game to work on XP without using trial software?

    3. You dont need Visual studio to play this game. Just download the Visual Basic and you _should_ be ready to go. If you havnt installed shit on the computer before you might need do download .Net, but 99% of all computers already have it.

    4. I've downloaded all sorts of Visual X (i.e, Basic, Express, Studio, etc.) and half a dozen Power Packs. All MS. Got fresh installs and followed up on repairs. I gave in to using the various "evaluation" softwares, including the time-sensitive ones and even followed and used the ones that are listed under the downloads tab of this very site...

      ...I just don't get it... Why can't I make the game "go" (the right way)?

      I "guess" I can sort of run the game (haven't messed with it much), but this can't be right... It looks exactly the same as before I messed with all the Visual X stuff (though I did manage to get past character creation by guess-clicking on a random button).

      Since I don't have anything on how the game is supposed to look/run other than the screenshots on the wiki, can someone check to see if this is normal?

      1 - None of the screenshots on the Wiki looks close to what I'm seeing. Outdated screenshots? The wiki screenshots looks A LOT more polished than what I am viewing.

      2 - When I minimize the screen and then get back to it, all sorts of errors pop up. Hitting "Continue" on the popup dialog box "seems" to skip these issues.

      3 - When I go to start a new game and create a character, the creation background page (the one where it asks where you grew up and what your parents were like, etc) I still see four large, white, and blank buttons at the bottom of the page (clicking the far right advances to the game).

      4 - When you popup for the first time in your apartment and hit the half-hidden, green texted "Menu", many of the buttons disappear and this Menu button is then changed into a "Game" button in the same green text with the top portion of it cut off by the top of the window.

      5 - Hitting "Game" now would result in seeing a cyan texted "Travel / Sleep" button with a large black background that covers up everything it hovers over (like the game text). It is immovable and persistent from location to location and appears to do nothing but get in the way. The action buttons that were off to the side now only shows "Magic", "Zzz Until 8 AM", "Zzz Until 8 PM", "Zzz 8 Hours" (I think this one works), "[1] Lucid Dream, "[6] Take a", and "[7] Cook a Meal". There doesn't appear to be any way to get those lost buttons back...

      6 - A large red X is shown for the background and by your HP.

      This is as far as I can remember at the moment. Like I said, I haven't messed around with it much since I just can't believe this is how it's supposed to be. Any other suggestions?

      Argh! ::Scratches head:: I'm going to drink and get myself smashed.

    5. Don't bother with this version of the game, it is unplayable.

      Those bugs that you have said are ones that I haven't seen, but try getting the previous version working.

      Anyways, this version is too broken, and read other comments on why. I can see why this one was unreleased though, as it was still being worked on and in its extremely early stages.

  11. since this is the last version could someone upload the event creator so that in case someone ever decides to continue this on their own they can do so? if it is alright with TacoKing, of course.

  12. And please make the echorid farm stuff, even if unfinished available

  13. dou dont need Visual studio to play this game

  14. I've tried disabling anti-virus, add + script blockers, I've downloaded entirely new browsers and used multiple proxies.
    After this, I still can't download this, and it infuriates me.
    This is the single _worst_ upload site in the history of the universe.

  15. Maybe its time to shut down this site. Pornarium is dead.

  16. Really sorry to see this game die, I had high hopes for it. I even followed it from the start (two-three years ago?) so that makes it even worse. Well, bye bye people, been good knowing ya.

  17. I've been around from the start, hanging around for well over a year. I was the guy asking you to allow anonymous users to post (and you did!). I was also the guy writing "R.I.P" everytime you brought bad news ( there was always bad news ).

    Either way, here you have it. The final R.I.P.

    R.I.P in peace friends. Thanks for all the sticky tissues. and for fuck sake get your personal life sorted out.

  18. Good luck Tacoking. I wish you only the best. I just wanted to let you know I had a ton of fun playing your game. It is honestly one of the best experiences I've had in gaming. It made no concessions, had no shame, and delivered no judgement. It was just fun and immersive. Definitely the best adult game I've ever played, definitely on my top 10 list of games in general.

  19. Someone needs to learn code and pick up where he left off!

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