Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just a general progress report

Thought I'd give an update, things are going along nicely (albeit a bit slower then I wished). Items are still being a bit tricky but it's nothing I won't be able to tackle. Here is where I'm at currently:

Current Progress for 0.10.6a
  • Starting Events
  • Apartment Events
    • Including a new one made by Echorid ;)
      • A female version of this event needs to be written still, I plan to do so.(Echorid took care of this, and actually gave me an idea of some items to add to the odd peddler in the market)
  • Jail Events
  • Lucid Dream Events
  • Residential Street Events
  • Marketplace Events
  • Park Events
  • River Events


  1. hi tacoking i was wondering about why your download link for 0.10.5a is actually 0.10.3a i would love to play 0.10.5a cuz i really love this game could you maybe ipdate the download link so its the actual 0.10.5a thanks

  2. It actually is 0.10.5a but I mistakenly forgot to update the form title so it still says 0.10.3a. I assure you it actually IS the correct version (I downloaded it and tested it to make sure). For example, there is no "testfix" file in the .rar which was removed in 0.10.5a. I'll post the old patch for 0.10.5a:

    Version 0.10.5a
    [Main Game]
    -Using testfix.bat is no longer needed. The game should work correctly with text/scrolling. If it doesn't let me know.
    +Cum Volume
    -Formula is corrected to account for additional members
    -Gender names have been tweaked a bit (but not in the character creator yet) to be less offensive to anyone who is transgender. They current names stink, but they shouldn't include terms like "Transman" or "Transwoman"
    -While working at the Restaurant, you will now receive all the messages :)
    -Working in the Restaurant works properly. While sometimes you will get 0EP, you will never LOSE EP from working there.
    -The Priapis shroom should no longer grant you more then 10 cocks (sorry guys :p).
    -The duration of the priapis shrooms has been reduced from 120 hours to 60 hours. I felt it was too easy after testing it, to gain a ton of multiple cocks and keep them virtually indefinitely :p
    -It is no longer possible to sell an item (or drop one) until you have none, then use it.
    -Echorid has given me a large batch of corrections, I have added them in to make the overall text of the game far more pleasant. What's awesome is that this is only the tip of the iceburg. You should se


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